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Make sure you submit your ETF to your new carrier within a reasonable amount of time. In some cases, your ETF is only refundable 60 days after you activate your new phone. And voila!

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Show More. Would this work with adding a line porting number from other provider to an existing Unlimited plan? Yes it would. As long as its a new line, youre porting over and doing a device payment on a new smartphone, you qualify for that promo. Yes, at least that's how it seems online. It is called the Summer Switch Deal and I am hoping they mean switching from a carrier to them rather than those switches made from tree twigs.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Best Phones for Read More. I suspect that most people who have postpaid accounts with major U. I know I did.

So the very first thing you should do is gather up a year's worth of those bills, check your data usage, and see if you can save money by switching to a different plan with your current carrier. When I reviewed my Verizon bills, I discovered that we had been paying for 12 GB of shared data every month, even though our actual usage averaged 4.

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Switching to a shared data plan with a lower allowance would have been an instant money-saver. I don't care how many kittens and sweet gray-haired grandmas they put in their TV ads, American mobile carriers are cold-blooded capitalists. You and your family are users on an account, and your value is measured in two ways: ARPU average revenue per user or ARPA average revenue per account. One of your most powerful pieces of leverage is your ability to switch carriers.

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In fact, other carriers will often pay significant bonuses. Carriers encourage you to be afraid of running out of data, and they're especially adept at convincing you to pay for their "unlimited" plan so you never have to worry about being charged for using more data than your monthly allotment.

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On its most recent earnings call , Verizon's CFO bragged that pushing people to unlimited plans was very good for their average revenue per account. And don't get me started on how those plans misuse the word unlimited. And that plan includes some serious limitations, including video streaming that's restricted to p and a painfully slow kbps cap when using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. If you've been living with a mobile plan that includes a data cap, you've probably instinctively modified your behavior to stay under that cap. What would happen if you suddenly had a larger data allowance?

Would your data usage change? For example, would you use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot if the price were right? The intent, of course, is to get extra revenue by getting you to say, "Well, it's only five bucks, so why not? And sometimes the pricing on those data plans is completely irrational, especially when promotions are tied in.

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My wife and I travel outside the U. European readers always love to point and laugh when they see how much money U.

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But not all carriers are created equal. One thing you want to avoid at all costs is racking up data roaming charges by leaving your U. I brought along a Google Fi device, an inexpensive Motorola phone that I dedicate almost exclusively to international travel and keep paused when I'm home in the US. For that same 13 days, I used a total of 2. If I had a T-Mobile line, my only costs would have been for international calls.