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See associate for details. No dealers. No Rainchecks. Maybe it is because the new POS are in my area? Or maybe there is a coupon for paid and non paid members? If I have more info, I can probably figure it out. Posted 06 April - AM. All you have to do is change your bday info in your account settings to get a new coupon.

If people aren't receiving new bday coupons, this may be indeed the end of this coupon Posted 06 April - PM. Posted 07 April - PM. It doesn't say why I received it though.

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My birthday is this month, is this a new distribution method for these coupons? Posted 08 April - AM.

GameStop staff lied to me, what should I do?

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Price Tracker v4 Beta. Amazon Gold Box Deals new! Lists 0. Wiki Moderation Our game database is maintained by the community. Moderate Edits. Add Missing Product. Product Information. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply Link Posts Only new! Posted 02 April - PM I'd use my coupon at least once a month anyway because that's when I buy games.

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It's nowhere near my birthday or my brother's, whose card I used and I got it just fine. Also it was just a regular rewards card. So nope. The app now knows that your current context is in-store shopping for PlayStation products. But Kraft Heinz exec Tim Burke explained how his company is using the same technology but approaching the experience from the other end — that is, beginning the process by simply aggregating user data to determine if the way a food display was set up determined the purchase outcome.

In other words, the brand can examine data from sensors in the best in-store displays, and compare that to sales data from other locations. This is the first step, and then mobile shopper data can then later be used to improve message targeting, contextual offers, and more. A New York City based journalist, she specializes in stories related to retail, dining, hospitality, and travel.

Latest News. Joeyoe31 : No one I know shops at Gamestop Best Buy gives way better prices on trade ins , and neither do I except to take advantage of this one promotion. This ordeal has just reaffirmed the reasons I don't go there.

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It is a horrible, horrible place. That's beside the point anyways, the point of my post is that they conned me into getting the 1-year membership. You could have just used a friends power up card. That's what I do. Most clerks don't care. Plus I get exclusive DLC bonuses with it every so often.

GameStop staff lied to me, what should I do? | ResetEra

Most recently with Max Payne 3. Joeyoe31 : Thats weird, there free in the UK. I've been a member of this and just the discount card before this for years now. It's always been worth it for me just for the magazine every month and the discount on the very small chance I walk into my local Gamestop. I'm convinced otherwise. On their website under the promotion, it said nothing about needing it, and on the Powerup Rewards page there is clearly a checkmark under the "Free" program for "exclusive offers".

See, that's what you had to say while there. We can call them now, if you'd like, that way you get a chance to try to defend your actions. Staying calm and making people feel like they're about to make a huge mistake tends to work out well. I just got newegg to knock off return shipping and a restocking fee from a large purchase I made accidentally by saying, " So you're not going to give me free shipping on that? You do realize I still to make an even bigger order right now.

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If I'm going to get burned on shipping, I can always take my business to best buy, but so far I've never had problems with you. Can we do something about that? They have great exclusive articles on upcoming games. So, the membership isn't a complete waste. The way employment at gamestop works is that if you want hours, you need to sell subscriptions and preorders.

They way employment at gamestop works is that if you want hours, you need to sell subscriptions and preorders. That's like a week's paycheck for those guys, right? Complaining that you paid 15 dollars to get an extra 50 dollars in trade you are still getting extra money that you wouldn't have normally gotten is kind of a mute point.

Yes, you didnt' get as much as you hoped but Gamestop in general rips off the trader. Also to get some of their in store promotions you must be a Pro Member and not a free member. On average the PS3's get less than 80 dollars on an average trade so getting the is pretty good in comparison. In fact, if you dont go to one of the 4 gamestops within 10 miles of my house, you just get jacked prices from some small time shop. For example, I once looked at getting the Saboteur at the small shop…they were charging 40 dollars for it…gamestop?

May just be my city though I went and traded in my Xbox and the lady thought I just needed the free version to get the bucks, but then she rang it all up in the register and it was only going to be something like 97 bucks for the Xbox and the few other things I had. I just lost the money I spent on Gears 3 and Halo Reach, but that's not big deal. I then proceeded to spend dollars on Riot Points cards and Steam Wallet cards.

I then got a pretty rad Zelda poster for free off the power-up rewards website, so that was cool. So, it does seem like they try to not be specific about which power-up thing you need on the website Also you get a year of Game Informer, which I find it pretty cool as I like reading them. I used to get an average of five hours per week when I worked there over a summer break.

Then again, I never really gave a shit about selling subscriptions or preorders. I would also offer people trading in games cash out of my pocket for games they were trading in instead of gamestop's credit. I used to get a lot of really cheap used games that way.